Thorntree Primary School

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Each child in Thorntree Primary School is assigned a house (see below).

They work together to earn House Points, and then the winning house at the end of the term gets to have an extra play.

Term 1 winners: Rowan


House and Vice House Captains




Role and Expectations of House and Vice House Captains

The role of House and Vice House Captains are ones of privilege, pride and responsibility. They are more than just a title and badge and require dedication and commitment for an entire year. The children take part in active citizenship, whereby they lead a series of charitable events throughout the school.

House Captains are elected by the children in their House after giving a speech about what they can offer their House. All children from P1-P7 will vote for House Captains. There is a House Captain and a House Vice-Captain for each house.

Characteristics of House and Vice House Captains

  • Polite and well-mannered
  • Organised and committed
  • A confident speaker
  • Well-presented in uniform and appearance
  • Able to liaise and converse with staff, students and the wider community
  • Desire to act responsibly and to be a role model for other students
  • Be caring, mature and honest

We expect you to be:

  • a positive role model and ambassador for the school, demonstrating Thorntree values.
  • enthusiastic and committed to your house.
  • friendly and positive with all students, particularly within your house.
  • part of the team of House Captains who work together to achieve success for all.

Role Description


  • Lead and support the children of your house.
  • Provide ideas and support for competitions and house related activities.
  • Help organise and lead regular house meetings.
  • Collect, monitor and announce house points.
  • Attend regular meetings with Mrs Heggie.
  • Inspire the children of your house.
  • Be an excellent role model in behaviour, attitude and uniform at all times.