Thorntree Primary School

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Treetops is the name of Thorntree’s nurture room.  Our nurture room was one of the first nurture classes to run in Glasgow.  A nurture room is a safe and secure base with the prime aim of supporting children to develop their social and emotional skills.  The room is set out like a house with a kitchen, a sofa and a place to eat together.   The Treetops family consists of the nurture co-ordinator (Mrs Justine Horn), nurture teacher (Miss Hayley McIntyre), support assistant (Mrs Katrina Heggie) and six identified children from P1-3.  In the afternoons, we work with children from P4-7 who need support to develop social skills, friendships, increase self-esteem and to use a positive attitude when working with others.












The nurture curriculum is focused on the development of health and well-being and follows the six nurture principles. 
Theses six principles are also heavily embedded in all the classrooms and throughout the school, making us a nurturing school.


In February this year, Thorntree received the very first ‘nine steps to nurture’ award in Glasgow for being a nurturing school.