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Diversity and Equalities

LGBT Inclusive Education 

In Thorntree Primary we pride ourselves on being an inclusive and nurturing school for all of our pupils, staff and families and we have a strong focus on Equality, which was on our School Improvement Plan last year.  

Over the past two years, we have been working on developing LGBT Inclusive Education and were awarded with the ‘Journey’ award from Time for Inclusive Education (TIE) last year.  This year we are working towards the ‘Achievement’ award and are focusing on creating and embedding LGBT links across our curriculum using the 7 Learning Themes.  These are:  

  • Understanding the Equality Act, the UNCRC and Human Rights. 

  • Identifying prejudice, discrimination and bullying. 

  • Recognising and challenging gender stereotypes. 

  • Diverse families, including LGBT parents and siblings. 

  • Celebrating diversity and difference. 

  • History of LGBT equality movements.

  • LGBT historical figures and role models. 

LGBT Inclusive Education is taught in every class (from Primary 1 to Primary 7) and is age and stage appropriate, linked to the Experiences of Outcomes within Curriculum for Excellence.  To enable LGBT Inclusive Education across the curriculum, there is an emphasis on the importance of interdisciplinary learning and we make use of our current curriculum to create ‘windows and mirrors’ to allow pupils to see themselves reflected and others within our curriculum offering.  When young people see themselves reflected in what they learn, it helps them feel like they belong and that who they are is not wrong, therefore increasing their engagement in learning.  LGBT Inclusive Education also supports all young people to understand equalities and rights, and to recognise the impact of prejudice and stereotypes.     

We have an LGBT Working Party who have taken forward this area of work and are currently in the process of recruiting pupils to form a Pupil PROUD group. 

As a school, we regularly celebrate different events throughout the year through Assemblies and class work, such as Black History Month, Anti-Bullying Week, LGBT History Month, International Woman’s Day and Pride month.   

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